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Accident-damaged cars

We pay for your accident-damaged car in cash

If you would like to sell an accident vehicle and not make use of the private purchase via advertisements on the web, we are your contact.

With us you get top prices and can look forward to competent and unbureaucratic handling when we pick up your accident vehicle. After filling out our purchase form for your salvage vehicle, you will receive a very generous and irresistible offer. If you agree to our cost proposal and sell us your accident car, we will pick up the accident car from you shortly after the purchase and handle the purchase with you in cash.

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We lift you of your burden

Selling an accident car on the web privately takes a lot of time and requires strong nerves. Opt for selling your accident car for export and without tiresome negotiations. If you accept our purchase for your accident car and accept the suggested price, we will arrange everything else and pick up the roadworthy, no longer roadworthy, and the one with or without TÜV directly from you. You can note whether your accident car is still roadworthy directly in the purchase form and send us further information about your accident car.

Your accident car does not have to cost money

If you sell your accident vehicle from us, you can expect fair conditions for all brands and for an accident vehicle in any condition and look forward to the best offer. We buy all accident vehicles, no matter how severe the damage is and whether your accident vehicle is offered roadworhty or not. Since we handle the purchase in cash, you will receive the amount for your accident car from us directly when you pick it up and do not have to register an account.

Detach yourself from your accident car

Your accident car can be offered directly on our website. Once we have received your purchase form, we will contact you promptly and offer you a price for your accident car. With your acceptance, the purchase contract is concluded and we initiate all further steps so that your accident car will not be a burden for you.

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