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Car We buy your used car

Nationwide cash purchase offer within 24 hours, nationwide collection

You want to sell your used car and achieve the best price? Then you are exactly right with us and have the opportunity to get a fair offer for your car in cash purchase. Offer us IhrAuto and receive a price proposal within 24 hours, you can not resist because of the amount of the bid.

As we pick up your vehicle nationwide for you, you have to the resulting purchase contract with us and any other expenses not have to worry about over-Brin narrowing your vehicle. Available directly from the pick that we make on a date agreed with you, the purchase price in cash, and are released from any obligations to us. The purchase contract for your car comes about the moment in which you accept our proposal, thereby redirecting all further steps for a purchase by us in the way.

Purchase of wrecks and defective car with or without MOT

Ankauf defekter Autos und LKWEven if your vehicle you will get in your car because of serious defects no TÜV broken in an accident and is no longer running, or you can sell it directly to us and save yourself the cost of a high-priced repairs. You must not generate private sale and to bother with customers who do not want to pay the price you forced. Instead, you get a generous offer, with its acceptance'll take everything else in the way and make your car accident and your vehicle with or without MOT, contact our purchase. We buy all makes and models, so you can offer us IhrAuto in each case and look forward to high purchase prices.

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Fair prices and individual offers for your used car

Gebrauchtwagen AnkaufDo you want to avoid the risk of unfair and inconclusive price proposals, you should decide directly for our purchase and waive private listings. Simply fill out our form and within 24 hours receive an information about your car. Also for defective car we pay top prices and offer you the best price for your used car. We do not have fixed prices, but also provide you using the information about your car a sum that you receive at the conclusion of the agreement and purchase agreement, the Baran purchase. By the cash purchase of your car, you receive the money at the moment in which we collect your car from you at the agreed place and thus fulfill our part of the purchase agreement.

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We also purchase used trucks, vans and SUVs

Gebrauchte LKWsBesides Used cars, we also buy trucks, vans and SUVs of all makes. Our purchase works in the export and pays high prices for vehicles that are searched and asked. You can offer us any car, truck or SUV, and vans of all makes. Whether your car is roadworthy or is passed without MOT us has an accident damage and for this reason is no longer allowed on public roads, you wear directly in the space provided on the form and receive for a broken car a better car price and the cash purchase option.

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