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Purchase of defective cars

Purchase of defective vehicles with or without TÜV

We buy defective cars at the best price and offer you the opportunity to receive cash for defective cars. Gearbox damage, engine damage or total loss - We buy all!

As an export company, we have buyers for defective vehicles and can therefore offer you high cash purchase prices. If you want to sell your vehicle with a total loss, don't bother with private advertisements. Use our form and receive very lucrative offers for defective vehicles, including those with engine or transmission damage.

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We pick up defective cars directly from you

Offer us defective vehicles with motor damage, but also with total losses and decide on lucrative conditions and pick up the vehicles at the location agreed with you. You don't have to worry about how defective vehicles come to us or how you get your money in cash. After you have offered us defective cars and agreed to our cost proposal, we will arrange a timely appointment with you to pick up your defective car, wether they have engine damage or gearbox damage or with a total loss.

Unbureaucratic handling of cash purchases for defective cars

With a cost proposal from us for your vehicles with engine damage, total loss or existing gearbox damage, you can rely on a guaranteed price for your defective cars. We do not negotiate the conditions for defective vehicles, but stand by our word and pay you the agreed price for defective vehicles with gearbox damage and other defects upon collection. You can offer us defective cars directly via the website very easily and without great effort using our form for defective cars. Make a note of whether your vehicle is a car with engine damage, gearbox damage or a total loss and make the assessment easier for us.

Quotation within 24 hours

With us, maximum prices for defective cars are not just empty promises. We evaluate defective cars with engine damage, gearbox damage, as well as total losses with and without TÜV and can thus offer you the best conditions for defective cars.

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